Friday, 25 January 2013

Muse - Madness

"British alternative rock trio Muse are enjoying lots of limelight with their new single “Madness” off the band’s 2012 release, “The 2nd Law.” “Madness” is No. 1 on Nielsen’s BDS Alternative radio chart for a seventh week and showing no signs of faltering anytime soon.

On “Madness,” like with much of Muse’s latest release, the band fuses alternative rock, electronic and Radiohead-inspired trialing, led by singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy. While “Madness” stays in line with Muse’s love affair with everything electronic, the song is less dependent on Bellamy’s guitar lines and more reliant on Muse’s spacey sonics and Bellamy’s lush tenor.

More than anything, “Madness” showcases Bellamy’s extraordinary pipes and ability to harmonize on a dime. “I can’t get these memories out of my mind / And some kind of madness has started to evolve,” he sings in the intro with looped drum beats in the distance.

Bellamy has stated the song was inspired by a quarrel he got into with his girlfriend. That’s apparent in the chunk of the song’s lyrics: “I need to know is this real love / Or is it just madness keeping us afloat? / When I look back at all the crazy fights we had / Like some kind of madness was taking control / I have finally seen the light / I have finally realized what you mean.”


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